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 The Lake Gogebic area is a most popular snowmobile destination for both in and out-of state riders.  Riders from Canada, Lower Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and many others all find our trails unique to ride with abundant snowfall even into mid-March. Some years we exceed 300 inches of white gold.

 The area boasts of all types of trails including rail grades, swamps, woods, twisty turns, hills and vistas as well as the lake.  (The lake is not groomed and you ride it at your own risk.  Check locally for conditions.)  You can use this area as a hub, ride different trails and never get bored.  However, with the vast areas and many miles offered here in the Western Upper Peninsula the traffic on the trails is tolerable even on holidays.  There are many types of accommodations and eating establishments to satisfy any taste.  Our hospitality is second to none.

 Let me introduce you to the grooming sponsor for 154 miles of snowmobile trail in and around the Lake Gogebic Area.

 It takes a very dedicated group of volunteers here in the area to keep the trails in the excellent condition in which riders have become accustomed.  We work year round on trail situations and groom usually 24/7.  Unlike many clubs that groom the trails, Gogebic Area Grooming is not a social club – only a grooming entity.  It is made up of 3 officers, a trail boss, a grant director, and 2 directors with local businesses and individuals as sponsors. There are 7 groomer drivers, 5 of which have been with us for many years.  These groomer drivers run the same machines over the same trails so they take pride in their areas and know their trails like the back of their hand.  We operate with 3 PistenBully groomers that we feel are the best for our trails.  We have 3 program drags and 2 spares to cover breakdowns. Last season we groomed 27,910 miles logging 3,396 hours in the groomer.

 Our great master mechanic, John Korich, and his ‘right-hand’ man, Ken Scott keep the groomers in good running order.  The groomer drivers also pitch in when needed.  George Maves, Trail Boss, and Carolyn Maves (Secretary/Treasurer) of the Hoop ‘n Holler Tavern have been part of the grooming efforts for more than 17 years.  Ken and Gail Scott (Grant Director) have offered their services for about 15 years.  We have been fortunate to have volunteers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and other states help with the brushing and signing the snowmobile trails as part of the “Adopt a Trail” program.  Since we are such a small club we really appreciate the volunteer help.  Anyone interested in the “Adopt a Trail” program should contact George Maves at (906) 575-5555.

  We are proud that we have a very good working relationship with our private land owners, the Ottawa National Forest, and the timber companies that allow snowmobile trails on their property as well as the DNR – Baraga Office field contacts.  Without these good relationships this area would not have the trails that are so important to our economy.

 But it is you, the snowmobiler, who support the snowmobile program that keeps us going.  Trail permit purchases, a portion of the registration, and a small percent of the gas tax all go into the snowmobile program which is run as a grant through the state administration. We must apply for a grant every year to fund the equipment and the miles we groom.  There is not another sport that totally funds itself without taxpayer money.  You, the snowmobiler, are the key to this program.

 Business “sponsors” of the grooming in this area are designated by a dated cling sticker that will be prominently displayed.  We ask that you look for these clings and support the businesses that support your sport.  Most businesses will have maps of the area trails available for a donation.  Those businesses that donate the map money to our club will have a wooden box with groomer pictures.  Please do not be fooled by other boxes that do not support the local grooming.

.Last year the Michigan Snowmobile Association started a snowmobile  trail conditions report page on their website www.msasnow.org.  Go to “trail reports” and click on ‘Gogebic Area Grooming’ on the map.  There you will also find updated trail reports from the grooming entity itself so you know the info is correct.  There will be various local businesses advertised there for your convenience.

 We look forward to seeing you enjoying our beautiful area and trails.  Come stay with us and ride the best!



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