Who We Are

Gogebic Area Grooming (GAG) has a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.  In addition we have 5 board members.  We meet once a month during the winter months (sometimes more often) and 3 times during the summer months.

We have 3 groomers that are all Piston Bullys.  We have 2 groomer barns, one in Bergland with 2 groomers and a barn in Marenisco with one groomer.  We have two “trail bosses'', one for each barn.  We have a mechanic that is based out of the Bergland barn.  The Moonshine Riders helped fund the construction costs of the Marenisco barn.  This helped us keep groomers in the north of our area and a groomer in the southern section.

Piston Bully Groomer
Grooming the Western UP Trails

What We Do

We have 150 miles of trails. We do a very good job of grooming all of the trails every night with the eight groomer drivers that we have.  We mostly groom at night when there is less snowmobile traffic out and because the snow forms up better under the drag during the evening colder temperatures.  After a 6-7 hour grooming run, the groomer and drag come into the barn for another 6 hours to melt down at 55 degrees.

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